Play at Mobile Casinos and Pay By Phone Bill!

With thousands of players using a mobile device to connect with their preferred mobile casino, there are multiple ways for these players to make fast and secure payments and manage their casino accounts. Most players will already be familiar with certain payment methods like credit cards, prepaid cards and ewallets, but there is another way for players to now fund their accounts and it is easily dine through an existing mobile phone bill. Seeing as a number of players who are accessing mobile sites will also have mobile phones, they can easily add deposited funds to their current mobile bill and get started playing real money games in an instant. At mobile casino pay by phone bill we are here to explain everything to you and get you the best possible bonuses with the least hassle involved.

Over the years, more and more sites have become fully phone friendly, offering the ability to not only access great casino games through a mobile phone, but also allowing for players to pay for their games using their phone bills. Some players may be apprehensive of choosing this payment method and many may think that making a deposit using their phone is not as safe or secure as choosing a traditional deposit method. However, it is actually even more secure and as players will soon find out, it is one of the easiest ways to manage a casino account and have the ability to make instant payments and enjoy more real money games.

PayForit and How it Works

The very first phone bill and text message funding options became available in 2012 when PayForit was introduced. With this system, players have the ability to make micropayments in the value of £10 maximum. This method is not designed to make large casino payments, but is best suited for casual gamers who are making small deposits. Making a payment through PayForit is quick and very convenient and all transactions are conducted immediately. To make this method more enticing a number of casinos will offer a bonus for every £10 that is deposited, which makes paying by phone even more attractive to players. By placing a maximum deposit amount, players will never receive a shocking phone bill at the end of the month, so it can benefit those that are trying to maintain a strict casino budget as well.

One of the main benefits of a pay by phone bill is the fact that there are no additional charges that are incurred. It s a free service and there is no commission fee or any fixed price transaction when using PayForit. Another added bonus is that here is no time wasted signing up for the service. This method can only be used with a mobile phone or device and whatever is spent will be reflected on the monthly bill.

Pros of Pay By Phone

Unfortunately, there is always a risk when playing any real money game on a mobile device and risks when funding those accounts. Many of the popular payment methods that are supported at these casino sits will be vulnerable and it is possible for personal and financial information to be stolen. When using pay by phone options, players will be shielding all of their transactions from the internet. The process works by the operator of the site contacting the mobile phone provider to debit the account. This is very useful since the funds will not have to be paid until the end of the month and they will be automatically added to the phone bill. This can pose a slight risk for those that do not have complete control over their spending habits at a mobile casino, but since transaction amounts are limited, it can help with budgeting and smart spending.

The instant transactions are a benefit as they will allow players to immediately start playing the games they enjoy and there are some safety policies in place. Like with other payment systems, this option will have to be validated by the casino, so players will know they are the only ones that are authorising the transactions.

As the world takes to their phones and laptops usage becomes something of the past it’s clear that most casinos will need to start using the option to pay by mobile. We have more exclusive bonus offers over at another site where you can find out more and get some no deposit offers that aren’t available on this site.

Android and iPhone Mobile Payments

For a number of years, players using an Android phone were required to select a supported method at the mobile casino, usually a credit card or an ewallet. It is now possible to make a deposit by SMS using the phone bill without any added efforts. The Android mobile payments system will process secure deposits through many UK mobile network operators. It really does not matter what network the player is on or what Android device is being used. It is even possible to pay by phone with a pre-paid phone account.

For those that are using an iPhone, the App store has an app that will allow the same types of transactions to be performed, billing the amount to the Apple account. Like Android users, this account balance is paid monthly and offers a great way for these players to instantly fund mobile casino accounts without having to use the other methods that are supported.

Simple and Safe Transactions

Phone billing has become one of the preferred methods for millions of mobile gamblers and this method enables users to simple pay though a text message. The deposit amount is just added to the monthly phone bill and it is as simple as that. If one is a Pay As You Go user, the amount will then be deducted from the prepaid phone credit that is available.

By using this method at supporting mobile casinos, players will get an SMS receipt through their phone so they will always have records. The transaction will also appear on the monthly bill. As mentioned, this payment method is designed for small payments, so it will not meet the needs of mid or high rollers. However, for those that are playing casually or visiting casino sites on a rare occasion, this can be the fastest and simplest way to make a real money transaction to a site.

The security measures that are in place exceed what one would have with other methods. Paying with a phone will easily eliminate the need to offer up any account information to any mobile casino, which will just about eliminate the chances of falling victim to fraud. The merchant will not be able to pass on any billing information, so nothing will reach the hands of a third party. While the system will completely protect banking details, it will provide the phone number of the user, but this number can only be used in accordance to the privacy terms at the site. Since no personal information is given to the casino site, players are also able to remain anonymous as they gamble.

Complete Accessibility

When using the Pay by Phone option, mobile gamblers will have complete access and will always have this option available no matter what phone or mobile device is being used. It is one of the up and coming payment methods offered at most UK mobile casinos and it will work with any mobile phone, including Samsung, LG, iPhone, Blackberry and more. In essence, if one has the ability to play at a mobile casino, they also have the ability to make use of this payment method.

Control Over Spending

It is easy to get carried away when gambling and seeing as more and more people are using mobile phones and devices to access real money games, pay by phone is a great way to eliminate problem gambling. The deposit limits are set to £10 per transaction and players have a maximum deposit amount of just £30 per day. The actual phone provider will also set a credit limit to help with spending management. Phone billing beats many other options in a number of ways, and with great levels of protection and spending control already in place, it has become one of the leading ways to play at a mobile site. The mobile casino pay by phone bill option really is one of the best things to happen to online casinos since the early days of the web.

The Future of Pay by Phone

As more and more casino sites start accepting this method, it will become more popular amongst players. Since it is one of the fastest, easiest and safest ways to add money to a casino account, it will become the payment method of the future. Right now, the only downfall is the limited amount that can be deposited, but these limits are in pace to keep all players safe and to help eliminate the chances of developing any types of gambling problems.

Since phone billing can be used by everyone, it opens the door to many players. Those that were restricted to certain payment methods in the past can now send a simple text and fund their accounts in a matter of seconds. This is truly the future of payments and anyone that has an active mobile device will easily be able to jump into the action of real money mobile games and enjoy gambling action on the go, no matter where they are located. Thanks for coming to mobile casino pay by phone bill – if you want to drop us a message you can do so with the form on the contact page. We are constantly on the lookout for new offers and mobile casinos which will let you deposit by phone bill so if you have something to add don’t hold back!